The Trappist

     Twelve years after high school, Cynthia Raker, disfigured since birth and cruelly tormented throughout her school years and beyond, is confronted by two of her past persecutors as she works, hidden away as a maintenance worker on a local golf course. Faced with having to relive the suicide of her best friend during her sophomore year, Raker fights for a realistic understanding of self forgiveness and the unrealistic expectations of a society that has only brought her pain and trauma.  At times humorous, at times heartbreaking, this complex drama brings together six highly talents actors to create a world both realistic and deeply distressing.  Adult language and complex themes makes this play appropriate only for discerning adults and sophisticated teens.

The Cast

Cynthia Raker...Abighail Connett

Angela Barker...Amanda Skidmore

Henry...Nik Tidquist

Vincent D'Angelo...Matthew Connelly

George Heer...Shawn Casey

Elise...Kayla Skidmore

     Performances for this very fast paced two hour show begin at 7 pm on the evenings of June 17,18,19, 24,25,26 and 2 pm on Sunday, June 20.

     Tickets: $15.00 for Adults, $8.00 for Students and Seniors, can be purchased at Remaining tickets will be sold at the door 30 minutes prior to curtain.  

CYAC's performances are on stage at

The Elk City Playhouse

218 Washington St. W. Charleston

In Charleston's newest art district of Elk City.