Here are the plays we'll be casting and performing this year.  Due to the shrinking talent pool of rebellious young artist in the valley, we'll be opening casting, even for major roles, to more seasoned actors where appropriate.  As always, we'll try to accommodate as many folks as want to join us.  Here's whay you'll be getting yourselves into.

The Blob

Kehde and Scarpelli's homage to perhaps the greatest low-budget horror film of the 1950's. The cast requirements for this full scale musical are large.  20-30 teens and young adults, singers, dancers, character actors and techs.  A funny, funny show satirizing the paranoia of the red scare and the rise of the UFO hysteria, it's gonna be fun putting it on in the intimacy of the Elk City Playhouse.  Tentative audition date is Saturday, May 20th at 1 pm.  Bring something you like to sing.  Show dates are the last weekend in July and the first weekend in August. Come on down and bring ten of you closests friends with you!

Morning Prayer:

On its surface, it’s the story of an idealistic young female Episcopal priest battling the brutality of a dying innercity church while confronting the rigidity of the diocesan bureacracy and it’s need to maintain both its power and its finances in a time when organized religion is on a downswing.  During the course of the play, the young woman is viscously and violently raped by the henchmen of her downtown nemesis, the local pimp.  While the attack happens entirely offstage, it is an uncomfortably gut wrenching moment of theater which precipitated a PG 13 warning for adult situations and graphic violence.   Roles include 6 hookers, a few lines each, mostly female, playing age early 20's to early 40's; Rev. Alva [female, playing late 20's] Homer [male prostitute, playing age, late 20's to mid 40's] Gina [female prostitute, playing age 14-16]; The Lady Sue [female, pimp, playing age late 30's to 50]; The Bishop [male, playing age 50-70].

Showdates and audition dates to be announced.

More Auditions to come for A  Predator Among Us, Percy Entwhistle, The Good Ship Barnacle, and  

The Crib

Twenty years after the loss of their child in the surf off Cape Cod, a divorced couple deals with the possibility that a foundling is really their son.  This small cast drama features some outstanding roles: 1 male 1 female playing age of late teens early twenties; 3 females 1 male late playing age of mid thirties to early fifties.  Audition date is 1 pm on March 25; show dates May 5-13.